Thursday, February 26

Baby Boy

I haven't shared any photos of our adorable baby boy with you, since this blog isn't for family life but I thought that all of you would enjoy to see his smiling face. His name is Tristan and he is 7 months old today. We took these photos on our vacation in California at Laguna Beach. Below is my amazing husband Derrick and me with the little guy. He is such a joy and yes he is always this photogenic.

Wednesday, February 25

In Any Event Blog Feature

This is a little late in coming as I have been in sunny California for some time and now just returning but I wanted to send you all over to Jodi's wonderful feature of Designs by Robyn Love on her blog. Jodi is the woman who has made my calligraphy career and I owe her the world. She is a wonderful event planner and a great woman. Check out her blog often as she has tons of great advice for bride, coordinator, and wedding lover alike.

Here is a bit of what she says, "I think she's one of the hottest secrets in the state of Michigan! ... Her amazing ability to 'copy' a font on the invitation is something I have never seen before...."

New Logo and Business Card from Plush Paper

I love new friends, but when they have talents and expertise that extend far beyond that which you have they seem to be heaven sent. I feel that way about Kathleen of Plush Paper Creations. She designed this fabulous new logo for my business including blog banner, website banner, and this beautiful new business card design. I have been telling everyone I was in the process of ordering new cards (I actually did not know where to begin). Then steps in Kathleen, the darling, and not only creates them all in the right format but tells me how to order the uber cheap (Vista Print) and get them even faster. So, thanks to you Kathleen. And to all out there who I have been promising a few business cards, or those of you who haven't asked but would like some to pass out to clients and the like, send me a little comment and I will get some in the mail! Oh, and don't forget to tell Kathleen how amazing she is!
I just think this designs is so perfect!

Thursday, February 5

2009 Wedding Season Offer

Everyone is gearing up for this coming wedding season and I am as excited as everyone else. While all you brides are putting the final touches to your fabulous list of vendors I wanted to give a little Thank You! This season I will be offering FREE standard table numbering when you book with Designs by Robyn Love for both your envelope addressing and day-of calligraphy. In addition to that offer, anyone who also books addressing for their save-the-date envelopes will receive 10% off the remaining day-of calligraphy! Spread the word.

Looking Back::Event Three

If you are looking for some amazing inspiration for a warm summer wedding, check out this oneg that the "practically perfect in every way" Jodi Bos (or was that Mary Poppins) of In Any Event put on last August. And I am so happy to report will be featured as a three page spread in the 2009 Fall/Winter issue of The Knot!

It started out with these exceptional invites and captivating calligraphy that I named Lizzy after the bride.

Then comes the decorations, bringing together the fun color, blue and green!

I just adore how the escort cards were just growing out of some grass!
This photo also by Jen Kroll Photography, just zoomed a little so you can see the calligraphy.

I can't help but stare at this dining room and love how the outdoors were brought inside!

Some place cards by yours truly right at the top here.
And the simple table numbers (again my own design) look so fancy coming out of a pot of flowers.
My favorite shot for you to see the color scheme played out and my place cards shining right in the middle!

This photo is just spectacular...

And the cake design to die for....