Friday, May 27

Woodland Owl Calligraphy Shower Invitation

This Woodland Owl Shower Invitation was created for one of my sister's friends. I have since done a few wedding invitations in the same design but different colors. The font is Sophia. Isn't this so fun. I think this is for that bride and groom who are trying to be a little different and make a statement.

Wednesday, May 25

Royal Wedding

Oh to have been there for the Royal Wedding. But why not recreate the scene with these lovely Etsy handmade wedding beauties!

Tuesday, May 24

Vintage Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Love No. 006

Vintage Calligraphy Wedding invitation Love No. 006 is my current big seller. Traditional and classic. It goes with the white dress and black tux. Pick any font like the one shown, Darcy.

Stunning handwritten calligraphy wedding invitation on 100% cotton THICK paper. Minimalists wanted! First we start with the wording. It is handwritten by me just as you would like it. Every swoop and letter, just perfect. Then it is scanned into the computer and professional printed onto 100% cotton cardstock. Then each is slipped into a matching envelope that has a calligraphy return address! Matching RSVP included!

Check it out in my Etsy shop here

Monday, May 23

Calligraphy Wedding Maps in Watercolor (part 2)

Welcome your guests to the celebration with your own custom calligraphy watercolor map!

Above: Tulum, Mexico calligraphy wedding map with hand painted watercolor. What a fun destination wedding!

Above: New Orleans, Louisiana calligraphy wedding map with hand painted watercolor

Wednesday, May 4

Vintage Rose Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Handmade

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens....these are a few of my favorite things!

How this invitation makes me smile. Vintage elegance. Simple, yet romantic. Imagine this in your colors for your big day!