Monday, May 18

Custom Maps: New Product #1

As I have let on, Designs by Robyn Love is expanding! One of the fabulous new products that I am offering is custom maps. Whether your wedding is in Michigan or California, I can create the perfect map to get your guests to the wedding, then to the reception, and back home without any confusion. These maps can be sent to your stationer or printed up DIY. Above I have created a sample map, but stay tuned for some fun maps for my upcoming events! Plus, check out map pricing and details on my website!

Sunday, May 17

Designs by Robyn Love is Expanding!

I feel like I am going crazy lately. I have forgot so many details you wouldn't believe. Part of it has to do with the fact that I am 4 1/2 months pregnant, but mostly it is due to the fact that my mind is busting at the seams with all the new avenues I am trying to go down with my business all at the same time. If I was only doing one new thing, or creating one new product I think I could handle it and my personal life. But, I have a dozen exciting new ventures in the pot at the same time. I wish I could unveil them all at the same time, but that would be too nice. Ha. And well, I am still putting the final touches on it all. But be sure to check back tomorrow for the first of my exciting news! Happy Event Planning!

Friday, May 8

Limited Time Offer

I am currently offering $40 credit to all events booked before June 15th. Please mention this add when you contact me. I am very excited about this coming year and am having fun watching all the the events unfold. I hope to work with you for your special event. Talk to you soon!

Unveiling of the NEW List of Styles





Sophie, my new font!

Darcy Flourished

I am very excited to unveil my fonts, including Sophie the new contemporary font. I am able to recreate any font for an event, but this is a list of inspiring fonts for my clients. Check out my website to see some new pages and keep in touch because there is more on the way. Including a very exciting anouncement for my business that I will unveil next week.

Saturday, May 2

A Modern Event Grand Opening Recap

I had an amazing time at the Grand Opening event for A Modern Event! I wanted to share some quick photos for you all. Posting has been slim because of moving, but we are getting organized and I hope to have plenty to share next week. Including some really great stationers. Enjoy the photos. All the the calligraphy is my new style that I will be highlighting next week! Have a great weekend.