Saturday, January 31

Looking Back::Event Two

A June wedding is always spectacular, but add an outside tent and traditional colors and you have a beauty! In Any Event designed this spread and asked me to take on this traditional font that I call Christine. Thank you to Coastline Studios and Holly Henderson Photography for the amazing photos.

The Outer Envelopes turned out great...but with how long the guest list was I thought I would never finish!

Aren't the table settings amazing. I can't believe how artistic the photographer made the place cards look.

Amazing flower arrangements!

And this cake is a work of art! Just my style. What an eventful and special wedding!

Wednesday, January 28

Looking Back::Event One

I thought it would be interesting to give some highlights to the events that I have done this year and descibe the photos to help my readers get to know my history a little bit. My first big event was last June...the 21st. It was a 50th birthday summer solstice! And the colors reflected just that. Orange. Yellow. Grass Green. In Any Event threw a wonderful glad that my calligraphy got to be a part of it!

I learned a brand new font for this event...I call it Eleanor. It is fun and whimsical. The client thought it matched the invitation font great.

I had a great time making the labels for these escort candles. Each guest got to take one home with their name written with swoops galore.

Adorning the tables was my sweet little place cards...with fancy y's!Check out the beautiful flowers!!!

I was able to try out one of these silk chair eight months pregnant I thought they were really nice!A view of the finished room...My college friend Ryan Prins takes beautiful photographs doesn't he!

I didn't get to see this cake in person...but wow. I just needed to share it. Don't you think it is beautiful! Stay tuned for some other beautiful events...and fun calligraphy for the calligraphy lover in you.

Tuesday, January 27

Giveaway Last Day

Today is your last chance to participate in the April Foster Events Giveaway. Tell a friend and your sister...It doesn't have to be used for a wedding! Good Luck!

Friday, January 23

April Foster Blog Giveaway Vendor

I am excited to announce that I am sponsering a giveaway on April Foster Events blog! Check out the details on her blog and enter to win $50 off envelope addressing. Combine that with my current offer and you have an awesome deal on your event calligraphy!
April Foster Events has been hosting 7 days of giveaways in honor of her new blog and website. So check out the other offers also. There are some really great prizes and you can enter in all of tbe giveaways! Good luck and hope to hear that one of my readers has won!

Monday, January 19

Surprise, Surprise!

I am so excited to finally post the amazing photos from the Surprise 50th Birthday Party that Designs by Robyn Love has been working on for months! Jodi Bos of In Any Event created a lavish spread of entertainment and decor for what she described to me as the party of the year. Below are some photos of my work at was captured by Jen Kroll at the event. For the complete story and more eye candy click here.

Tuesday, January 13

All In A Day

Today is a very interesting day. I am in the process of getting my business name out to the world and networking to find just the right people that can make it all a little simpler. At the same time I am living. Living a life that does not revolve around a website or portfolio but rather around making baby Tristan smile, making deadlines, and getting dinner on the table. It all ends up looking like a balancing act and you all, my family, and God are my audience.
When it is all said and done, I like my life. I have an extremely, wonderful husband mostly to thank for that. Besides the fact that I know I can't do it all, it is fun to play mother, wife, and calligrapher. I just hope that every life that I affect thinks that I am doing an okay job of it all.
What exactly did I accomplish today? Well, I have been contacting a great woman named Kathleen from Plush Paper, a jazzy invitation company located in Metro-Detroit. She is going to help me create a business logo. So now I am on the hunt for some ideas of what I want. I also am working with In Any Event on an awesome event this week. I have been busy creating some beautiful calligraphy in the new font! Here is an escort card sample.

The colors for this event are spectacular. The light pink is shown here. Can't wait to show you some more photos! Check out the other great events I have been a part of in my portfolio!

Wednesday, January 7

Amy & Carlo

This week I was able to be of assistance to a couple who had some invitation problems and needed their envelopes addressed quicker than they could themselves. I (Designs by Robyn Love) came in to help them by using this beautiful font to create a memorable invitation envelope. The photo is a dark gold envelope with ivory ink. They turned out beautiful, but didn't photograph well in full color. The outer envelopes are ivory with dark gold ink. Look forward to some exciting photos of them.

One issue that did come up was color. The bride said gold paper and in my mind I thought yellow gold. But she meant dark gold and I realized I we needed to adjust ink colors when they finally came. Moral of the story: As a bride, you can never be too descriptive about what you want. And if you want to get exactly what you want, say exactly what you want down to every last detail (and don't hesitate to double check, us vendors appreciate the help in getting it right the first time around!). Good Luck Amy & Carlo!

Sunday, January 4

Right Around the Corner

Wedding season is right around the corner and many brides-to-be are looking for some advice about making sure their invitations are going to get out in the mail in time. As a past bride and a current calligrapher, I have a few pieces of advice to keep you right on track.
  1. If you haven't started compiling your guests' most current addresses all in one spot start now while you still have a little time on your hands.
  2. Best place to get those all together at: your PC! Allowing for easy emailing to a calligrapher or printing up yourself to make forgetting someone a lot less likely. (Calligrapher secret #1, I cross out each person on my printed list as I go to make sure I didn't miss anyone.)
  3. Order stationary early and politely check up now and then that everything is on schedule!
  4. Give yourself more than enough time for addressing those envelopes. It is taxing for any seasoned calligrapher, let alone a novice bride. Then last thing you would want is to pull on all-nighter on account of your invitations! Save your energy for the Honeymoon.

I'm very excited for this year's season of bliss. I love to see all the ingenious ideas that come from the hearts of bride's across the nation and also those ridiculously talented event coordinators who pride themselves in making every event the dream that is Wedding. Congratulations and good luck to you all.